As technology evolves, we find new and innovative ways to use data in businesses across all industries. Radley James strives to help enterprises to understand their talent needs in a changing landscape, working alongside our clients to find suitable candidates in a complex and often niche space. Whether you need data experts to build pipelines and turn messy data sets into actionable resources or a deep learning scientist to work on cutting-edge algorithms, our machine learning headhunters can add value by finding candidates and offering insight into the broader market.

Why Should You Partner with Radley James?

The demand for data science and machine learning professionals continues to increase, and finding the right person for the job has become more challenging than ever. Radley James offers a razor-sharp recruitment process, allowing you to identify and hire the best talent for your machine learning & data science roles.

Select from a network of highly vetted, ambitious and diverse professionals with various skills, from coding and data visualisation to natural language processing. Our team of experienced machine learning recruiters guides the process, ensuring you find the right fit for your needs.

Our Recruitment Process

Radley James takes a hands-on approach to selecting and recruiting data science professionals. Our team of experienced machine learning recruiters uses automated tools, extensive screening processes and one-on-one conversations to identify the best available talent.

Once a suitable candidate has been identified, we provide detailed feedback and background checks to ensure the prospective employee fits your team. We also offer comprehensive training and onboarding processes so new hires are adequately prepared.

With our innovative recruitment process and rigorous screening, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect data science professional to join your team.

Typical Roles We Fill

Browse our network of experienced professionals and find the right person for your team. We specialise in placing highly skilled professionals into roles such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Engineers
  • Data Scientists
  • Computer Vision Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Image Processing Engineers
  • Deep Learning Engineers
  • Quantitative Researchers

All candidates possess excellent communication and analysis skills and the technical acumen required to excel in the field. Our staffing specialists put an end to the tedious application process by ensuring each applicant meets not only the job requirements but also suits your company’s culture.

Maximise Your Data Science Talent Pool

Our comprehensive recruitment process, experienced machine learning recruiters and diverse network of qualified professionals ensure you get an accurate match for your team. Contact us today to learn how our talent pool suits your requirements.