Resume Writing Tips for Tech Jobseekers: Top Advice

Ludwig Schreiber

Two years ago, CompTIA released a report about the trending employment habits in IT. According to the report, there were more than 90,466 job listings for software engineers and developers at the time of the research. With such high numbers in mind, it’s no wonder the competition for IT-related jobs is fierce.

On average, recruiters go through hundreds of applications in search of the perfect candidate following the work culture and performances proposed by the employer. Moreover, other than receiving piles of resumes daily, narrowing down the search can take up to 49 days!

So, if you’re a techie looking to land a job in the IT industry, this article is precisely for you. We’ll shortlist the most efficient technology resume writing tips to help you put all other resumes to shame.

Summarize Your Resume 

Summarize Your Resume

Before you begin filling in any relevant information, remember to summarize your entire resume in a sentence or two. That way, you’ll be helping the recruiter get to the main points of your resume; plus, it will show how organized and concise you can be as an employee.

A resume summary or objective aims to headlight the skills and competencies asked for in the job ad. By writing a personal overview of your resume, your chances of becoming noticed by the recruiter double, and you can even expect to hear back from the recruiter.

Show How Skilled You Are

Since tech execs and recruiters are always looking for the next employee superstar, grabbing their attention can be frustrating. Even though you have all it takes to ace the interview, it’s all for nothing if you don’t get noticed in the first place.

When recruiters review resumes to see if you’re compatible with the job, most will skip content beyond the intro. Before anything else, highlight your skills and competencies using strong action words.

Instead of saying, “Excellent coding skills,” say, “Proficient coding skills.” Further on, list the languages you master, like Python, Java, and so on.

Link Your Resume to Your Portfolio

If this isn’t your first job, meaning you have something to show for your previous work, add a link to your portfolio. By doing so, recruiters will have a chance to see how good you are firsthand. Recruiters and employers appreciate an excellent portfolio, so why not have your work validated?

Link your project collection platform profile (such as GitHub) and ensure the portfolio is updated and filled with relevant projects.

Highlight the Skills Employers Are Looking For

Whatever skills are needed and you possess, make sure you highlight them. Generic resumes are easily overlooked and can end up in the trash if they aren’t easily scannable or deliver the information the employer needs.

Today, most applications are sent online, and applicants rarely send hard copies of their resumes. To that extent, recruiters use special computerized resume scanners that help them filter out the best-skilled applicants.

To ensure you pass the scanner, use keywords that will emphasize the relevant skills you possess correctly. Anything related to hard skills, HTML proficiency, and languages counts as a keyword.

Make Your Relevant Work Experience Matter

A well-rounded resume should not be left without an experience section — it is one of the most critical sections of your resume that recruiters will pay special attention to, especially if you’re applying for a technical role.

Yet, you don’t have to go overboard and include every work experience you’ve had thus far. Leave out any irrelevant jobs you’ve held, such as barista, store manager, etc. Instead, only list relevant working experiences that favour your odds of getting the jobs.

Include basic info about the employer, the position, and the duration of the employment. Most importantly, list your most significant accomplishments as an employee at the designated company.

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