The ability to intelligently manage risk is integral to the success of any company, from Fintech start-ups to buy-side market makers and from investment banks to multi-manager hedge funds. As the volatility of markets in recent years have shown us, along with the gradual yet constant inception of new regulations, risk management is in the spot-light. Radley James has an extensive track record of helping a variety of firms to identify and hire top risk managers in a variety of verticals. Our network and experience will help your organization find the expertise you need to continue to compete at the highest level.

Invest in Your People

As the adoption of online technologies increases, so does the need for security solutions and risk management measures. Risk managers must possess highly honed skills in security protocols, information technology and incident response.

With Radley James, you can access a network of experienced professionals with the right combination of experience, knowledge and technical abilities for the job. Each candidate undergoes a rigorous screening process to ensure they meet all the requirements for the role.

Discover the Radley James Difference

Radley James is a leading risk manager recruitment agency, providing client-focused services to connect companies with the right risk professionals. We take an innovative risk management approach, leveraging automated tools, extensive screening processes and one-on-one conversations to identify the best risk managers.

From streamlining risk management protocols to finding temporary risk managers, our risk management headhunters provide reliable recruitment services that fit any project or budget. We also offer expert insight to assist companies in understanding risk management, risk assessment and compliance requirements.

Benefits of Working with a Top Recruitment Agency

Businesses that partner with professional recruiters experience numerous benefits. Our expert headhunters can help you:

  • Quickly locate risk managers with the right skills
  • Reduce risk management costs
  • Recruit risk professionals from a global talent pool
  • Leverage automated risk management tools
  • Gain access to risk assessment and mitigation experts
  • Access a network of the best, in-demand risk managers, compliance officers and financial professionals

Find Your Perfect Fit

Discover ideal risk managers with the right experience, skillset and expertise. Contact Radley James today and experience the excellence of top-notch risk manager recruitment agency services.

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